Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer cold and Germs Beware!

"Get back in that bathroom and wash your hands!" As a child, hearing my Father shout the stern warning would put the fear of something evil happening in the world if I didn't wash my hands. Thank you, Dad.

Washing hands and covering mouths when coughing is the best advice parents can give their children. Cold germs are lurking everywhere in the season and it is a game of the fittest as to who survives without that annoying shadow overtaking our life for any amount of time.

The best remedies for fighting off a cold are:
Eucalyptus oil-for unclogging sinuses.
peppermint oil-for headaches.
Lavender oil for relaxing and healing.
Rosemary oil for bronchial cleansing.
Cinnamon for well being. (also great for diabetics to lower blood sugar.)

The combination of the above in a atomizer, on a handkerchief, on your pillow at night makes breathing so much easier if the onset of a cold is lurking. These can be bought at a health food store and is worth every penny.

A remedy from one of my elderly neighbors also seems to knock out anything that resembles a cough or a cold. She combines a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper,a dash of lemon juice and small dash of cinnamon into a small bottle and takes a spoonful in the morning and one at night and swears it works for her. She is 90 years old and seems in great health so I'm not going to argue the fact. Just be careful when taking it as it does have a kick to it. I still have to add a little water to mine.

When shopping, opening doors to businesses, just keep washing your hands because the person before you may not have been as clean.

 With all of the products on the market and all of the remedies we have at our disposal, preventing the cold is so much easier that it use to be. Don't get caught up with all the hype of what all you need to buy because the old remedy of Vick's Vapor rub, mustard packs, hot water bottles and rest are still the best ways to stay healthy.

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