Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daylight saving time and sunshine were my gifts for trying to stay healthy another year.  Every dreary Winter, I make the proclamation that healthy habits will be part of my life if I am just blessed with one more Spring and Summer.  This may not be the most worthy goal to try to achieve but for me, it is one of the most valuable things I could be given.

Slow, leisurely walks with Mya, my dog, birds dart diving into the bird feeder to make the water splash, the sounds of lawnmowers in the distant, people walking, weeding, sunning and just celebrating a great day to be outside, are just a few of the many things to smile about.

I open my closets and anything I have that looks like a lot of maintenance is put into the recycle pile for anyone wanting to take the time to keep the garment intact. I check for my easy, pull on shorts, shirts, jeans, baggy dresses and sandals, tennis shoes and flip flops. Anything with an elastic waistband stays in my closet.  It may seem like a waste to some but I always make sure somewhere else has the opportunity to wear anything I deem salvageable.  Life is getting to where there is no time for  clutter and my wardrobe is simplified enough that when I pass from this world, no one has to wade through all my things to see what to do with them.

The first buds of flowers are opening and how majestic is the feeling of new life popping out of the ground. Nature has blessed me with a garden that is actually going to produce some vegetables this year.

Little things in life should now be looked at, loved and appreciated. With no promises of another year, stop, take a deep breath and wow yourself with just what is serenity around you.  If you have to put on rose color glasses to see the beauty, then do it.  You only have this one time chance of a full life and it's up to you to make whatever and wherever you are in your life, work to YOUR advantage.