Monday, April 20, 2015

Dark Clouds Looming.

I am taking another vacation from social media and hopefully only a week. Strange things have been occurring this week and I need to deal with them.

My sister, Linda Ellis, always had that extra sense of something happening, happened or will happen, and I only have a small inkling of it. My Grandmother always seem to know ahead of time the happenings coming so we think it rubbed off on us.

Linda left us in October after a horrific battle with Small Cell Lung Cancer and for some reason, this week, she has appeared many times in my dreams and my son even had a strange dream with her in it. He said every time he would look at his shed in the dark (In his dream), she would be in the door way. He turned on the lights and she was still there. She said, "The only way I will leave is if you delete me."  Wow!  Now to try to interpret that.

In my dream, she is very frail but really working at cleaning and when I told her to slow down, she said she had to get her house in order and so happy it was coming together.  I told her she needed to get our Dad  to help her.  She laid down on the sofa to rest and My Mom from the bedroom told me not to fold her clothes that I had just started doing.  The only people alive in my dream were my Dad and me.  Now, to interpret those cryptic messages will be a task.

I had asked her before she passed if she had any messages for my son and me and she said, "Just be careful". I wanted her to elaborate but also skeptical about going into it any deeper.

For the craziest of reasons, this week has had such a gloom and doom feel and I am not sure what this is from. The weather, being so cloudy, could be a contributing factor. I, always trying to be one step ahead of the game, have started getting all my papers in order, trying to set some budgets so as to not stress, and just making sure that my daily mantra of, "I trust you, Jesus" is said every day.

Prayers for the well being of my family and me will be so appreciated and when this cloud moves on, I will be hopefully here to continue my family meetings with you.