Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ahhhhh July!

   Strolling around the yard today, I was reflecting as to the changes since leaving my job in February. Live, thriving plants about to rest for the season greet me walking down the little path that was created by moving some plants around.

    New additions to the yard give it a more festive view from the road. My son made two planters and they have been great conversation pieces when my friends are over. One planter looks as it will fall any moment but that is the way it is designed. The other is wood and holds the potted plants that I try to keep year around.

    I plucked the dead tops off the Zinnias and put them in my seed pouch for next year. The first Zinnias that started dying off, I pulled the dead flower off, opened it up and spread the seeds around. Lo and behold, with all this rain that July brought, they came back up and now are over 8 inches tall and ready to bloom again. I admit feeling a little proud that I had the insight to do that. Zinnias are such a special plant to me that all year long they would be welcomed in the garden.

     Marigolds are another flower that you can cut the dead flower off, open it up, spread around and they will grow back. I also harvest them for next year.  The thrill of next year coming with all these flowers popping up that I’m sure I will forget planting some of them makes me smile with excitement.

     July was a hard month in the yard with all the rain but next month will probably be so dry that I’d wish it would rain.

     I love my yard and to me, it is beautiful because I know the love and labor that has gone into making it what it is. Others may not share my enthusiasm and that’s sad for them. I know the secrets out here and no flowers have whispered to them.

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