Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conversation with my Organs!

Today I woke up with this crazy idea of taking a moment to talk to the organs in my body and try to explain the torture I have put them through in the past, and sometimes in the present.

To the Brain, I would have to ask if patience with me would help with its function. Not only do I overwork this vital organ but I place so much blame on it when it won't shut off.

The Brain at times is trying to tell me that the obsessive worry I do about things that haven't even happened, is making it function at an excessive high speed. Thinking about things other than the moment I am in is not giving this organ enough exercise of stimulation to take me through the elderly years.

The heart seems just to want a little soothing and not so much hurt of taking people's opinions much too seriously.  The heart and brain have had many late night conversations trying to figure how to provide me with necessity from them with my overtaxing ways.

The Liver tells the heart and brain to lay off because I have been so good to this organ in the past few years. The drinking and imbibing so many sodas were stopped because it just seemed like the thing to do.

The stomach tells the liver not to be so cocky. With the amount of fast food in my past, this organ is still trying to recuperate.  My stomach yells, grumbles and cramps in trying to tell me to watch what I eat. I apologize profusely and explain the new patterns of eating that I am undertaking.

And my dear, wonderful lungs trying ever so hard to keep me breathing so as I can make all these other organs happy.

 When I quit smoking, my lungs began to work so hard to help me regain enough breath to do all the things I had arranged with the Brain to make me capable of doing. My quality of life has improved so much with my Lungs trying their best.

Now that I have apologized and asked all these vital organs to work with me to be an inspiration to others, my body seems to  have settle into a more relaxed state.

I'm sure my system got together and said, "OK, one more chance, but if you blow it this time, then we are calling it and your apologies will mean nothing."

I noticed my digestive tract gurgling as if laughing to say," If she blows it this time, turn her over to me. You all know what an A__hole I am!

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