Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

The  4th Of July brings back so many memories of the celebrations my family had when I was a child.

My Grandmother had 5 sons who fought in World War 2 and The Battle of the Bulge. They were the holders of all that the Flag represented. Two won the Purple Heart. After the sadness of losing so many men around them, they never really got over the devastation of what war did to their souls. They were proud that they served and celebrated those holidays that honored Veterans with the same gusto as children given all the candy they could hold.

I cannot imagine, after hearing all the tales of war and what bravery was done, that anyone would be able to burn a flag.

I am all for political correctness but I am also for common sense. The values we grew up with were to honor parents, God and Country and it seemed to serve us well.

When and how, as Americans, can we come together with the knowledge that all men are created equal? We should be working together to make America what it was when neighbors said hello, you could walk down a street and feel safe, if someone was hungry, the word bum never came to mind. You fed the people that were hungry and clothed the ones who needed clothes. Common sense values were the mark of a man.

The kids of today laugh about the 50's and 60's but they need to realize all that they enjoy today started somewhere. They may be more technological savvy but if the heart  is void of caring about their fellow man, then what are their real contributions?

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