Tuesday, April 2, 2013


In the Corporate world, nothing is done to correct, reprimand or just write up an employee without going thru the politically savvy Human Resource Department.  When I say, politically correct, It sounds like the Step-ford family reunion..Everyone talks the same and if you need to report an incident, make sure your verbiage is correct or by the time you go through all the politically correct steps, the incident could be long forgotten or it's much too late.

My boss asked me to please write the Department to voice my complaint  about the employee she was writing up.  To me, if you have a legitimate reason and you are the boss, no other explanation should be needed.

I write the explanation and it was downhill from there. An employee spoke to me in a threatening (Not the correct word, so I was told) manner that was extremely hostile, (another incorrect word) and I submitted it to Human resources. Here is their response on the phone.

"Good afternoon, I received your eloquent, well place paragraphs, voicing your response about a fellow employee. Perhaps, before we get into the reason for the write up,  let's think about a few words we used.  You used the word threatening as he was standing over you in the office. Was he standing to the left or right or right or in the middle? When you said ,'banging his fist into the palm of his hand, ' was it the left hand or the right?. And, when you said, banging,' was it a fist or an open hand?' You used the word hostile, do you know him well enough to know how his demeanor usually is? Perhaps he was just being loud because of an ear stoppage? 

You must really choose your words carefully as you know how it is today!  Let's take a timeout to rethink the letter and get back to us with the changes."

The same employee, on another day, starts acting, threatening, came toward me to hit me and
my boss is yelling ,"Call Human resource and tell them.!"

I made a call alright........"hello, 911, I need you now!!!!"

  I have since been fired for not following procedure!  :)