Friday, July 13, 2012


"Everyone says you are the best salesperson in this store." says a co-worker with a sincerity in his voice that was a little unnerving.

I pondered that remark for hours and came to a realization that although it was a compliment he paid me, it was a misnomer.  I'm not the best salesperson in the store, I am the best product placement person.

When a customer is within eye contact, I smile or make a gesture as to the fact I am acknowledging their presence.  This is the welcoming  part of what my job entails. The next step is asking them, "What can I help you find?" This opens the dialogue for what my store can provide to fit their needs.

The reason I look like I'm the  best is because I know my products, what they do, and can give a reasonable explanation of why the product could be beneficial without crossing the line of diagnosing, offering a cure or trying to give them medical advice.

Realizing that the person is in the store because they want to buy something is what a few of our representatives miss.  Staying with the customer too long also creates a need on their part that is putting the representative in a position as to miss another customers need.

Multitasking as a representative is an art and can only be accomplished if you look up, look around, and make a point to make everyone that is in your vicinity aware that you see them. Just a small indication that you will be with them soon, can make a big difference in the impression the store makes.

I don't want to be the best salesperson in the store. I want to be part of a team that follows the examples that I set, not wait for me to step in and do their job for them.  I want customers to say of all of us, "Your store has the most knowledgeable and helpful representatives."