Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coming Home Today...

Squeeze our hand Lord
Let us know your're here.
The Lights have gone out
We lost ones so dear.

Tell us the Reason
Make us understand why.
If we're to rejoice
Why do we cry?

Did you need them
For some special task?
We don't mean to question,
We just had to ask.

They are so young
They lived a short life.
Were you trying to spare them

From this turmoil and strife?

We'd asked them please
To take Life slow.
But Dear God, Understand
How could we know.

Give us a hand
To bear this pain.
Take away the anger
Help keep us Sane.

If we're to learn
Some lesson from this
Make it an easy one
Leave some happiness.

We believe in you
And You've had your way.
Thank you for our time with them
......They're coming home today..<3

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fighting the Devil-I got this one!!!

I've been challenged by the Devil to a boxing match again. Our history in the ring has been one of tears, cheers, hate,and appreciate. I had very little training our first few matches but now that I have walked through his gates of fire, I am ready for this win.

Trash Talking is part of the secret of making the devil step aside.  "Hey, Devil, hope you know who you are dealing with. I have let you tempt me in the past, accepted some of your evilness but enough is enough. The first time when you threw a right hook, you took my daughter and nieces and nephew from us but Angels stepped in and took that punch.

The second time you hit me with a left jab and took my Mother and dear Aunts and Uncles with your evil diseases but Angels stepped in and took that punch.

This time you aren't punching, you are pushing and trying to make my sister suffer from that horrid cancer you put upon her.  Well, this time we are ready for you. Not only is she filled with the Grace of God, she is a much tougher opponent then I am so we tag teamed and Devil, you will not even see us coming.

God is taking this punch."

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Washing Dishes by hand, hold-out!!!!

I unwrapped the big box and between thrill and shock  was a tear for a time I knew would be passing soon. A big, beautiful dishwasher stared at me from the wrapping paper and I oohed and ahhed as a small tear tried to make its way down my cheek.

It took another week to get it installed and as the excitement mounted for my using it the first time, I made sure to dirty a lot of dishes for my final washing by hand.

I'm probably the only human being in the world to absolutely love washing dishes. Over the years getting to the dirty dishes in the sink has given me that rare moment of time to think, to reminisce over wonderful and sad moments in my life, to be totally undisturbed by husbands, children or dogs because they were all afraid I'd make them do the dishes.  The sink knows my every thought and has handled more problems than most psychiatrist get in a year. I kept it polished, bought beautiful fixtures to adorn it as it was my sanctuary in life. Running water would drown out my sobs or my laughter, steam would make me think of a spa, cold would make me feel cool in the hottest heat.

I did one last wash and I told my friend I would still be there everyday but maybe not for as long. Changes have to come and I would still need the sink for vegetable washing, soakings, draining and so many things and it would now always be free of dishes to be used for other things.

The big dishwasher has now gone through it's first cycle and it was so quiet.  The dishes were sparkling clean and the smell was pleasant emanating from the opened door.  I did notice while the dishwasher was doing the dishes, I had time to sweep and mop the floor after I had wiped down all the cabinets. This was a plus so far.  I took the time I usually think my thoughts at the sink and used it to actually talk to others about what was bothering me. Interesting concept and maybe I won't have so much to think about.

So, hello, new friend and sometimes when I am loading you, I may mutter under my breath until I feel comfortable enough in knowing you to let you in on my thoughts. We will work together to make this union work and this creature of habit will embrace this change with open arms.