Monday, August 25, 2014

Fighting the Devil-I got this one!!!

I've been challenged by the Devil to a boxing match again. Our history in the ring has been one of tears, cheers, hate,and appreciate. I had very little training our first few matches but now that I have walked through his gates of fire, I am ready for this win.

Trash Talking is part of the secret of making the devil step aside.  "Hey, Devil, hope you know who you are dealing with. I have let you tempt me in the past, accepted some of your evilness but enough is enough. The first time when you threw a right hook, you took my daughter and nieces and nephew from us but Angels stepped in and took that punch.

The second time you hit me with a left jab and took my Mother and dear Aunts and Uncles with your evil diseases but Angels stepped in and took that punch.

This time you aren't punching, you are pushing and trying to make my sister suffer from that horrid cancer you put upon her.  Well, this time we are ready for you. Not only is she filled with the Grace of God, she is a much tougher opponent then I am so we tag teamed and Devil, you will not even see us coming.

God is taking this punch."