Friday, August 3, 2012


"What can I do?"  This coming from me, the one who is never at a loss for what to do.

"What can I say?" This coming from someone who hasn't shut up in more years than most have lived.

 A new visitor has moved into our home.

This visitor has sucked the life out of a once happy place and moves from room to room to make sure no ounce of life is existing. The visitor has taken over what we eat, what we think, choices we make and just is a nuisance in everything that we had hoped for the future.

The visitor moves fast, doesn't apologize and always leaves the impression that no one is in control but it. Snarling, laughing, holding on tight are all the unwelcome  gestures from the visitor. We want to punch, hit, hurt and maim but this visitor has an impenetrable skin and holds strong against all attacks by us.

Crying, hurting, lashing out has no bearing on the visitor's soul. The more we hurt, the more it intrudes. Hate is such a strong word but is the only clean adjective to describe this life altering force that has physically and mentally drained all the want of life out of us.

Everyone gives different ideas about how to rid our lives of this beast but nothing seems to even move it anywhere near out of our life.

Watch out for the visitor. Guard yourself with everything you can because once it comes, it doesn't want to leave.

The visitor's name is cancer.