About Me

From my young years on a sugar cane farm, I was taught by my Grandparents the value of herbs in the daily life of the common man.  Doctors were a long way from the farm so we made do with Granny's herb remedies.  I think we were some of the healthiest children in the area. As we got older, my Mother still believed in using the old methods of healing. I even used many of the old remedies on my children. I have studied herbs for over forty years and knew more than a lot of my teachers because of my upbringing.

Cooking was something learned at an early age also. We were doing organic farming before it became popular as the cost of fertilizer in that day was not a luxury that my family would allow.  Planes flying over some farm spitting out "poison" as my wise Grandmother used to yell, would never be allowed near her crops.

We had a smokehouse for the home cured hams and as Granny used to tell us, before they had iceboxes, meat was preserved by sticking the pieces in lard in the smokehouse.

In school we were taught the native way of healing and it was some of the same remedies my family used.
I was fortunate in the past few years to work in a health food store to see where the past meets the present and could not believe how the wonders of today were our daily way of living.

I hope you will  find some interesting things to ponder from my blog as well as My Website.