Monday, November 4, 2013

Stay with me, Rose!

A chill in the air and something seems not right.  In this change of season, I see such a change in the lives of all the things I hold so dear.

My beautiful Rose that has weathered so many storms and always stood so proudly in the center of the garden now has started to bend. The once thorny stem that warded off all intruders or anything to hurt was becoming softer to the touch.

The petals of the Rose that were always perfectly formed and was admired by all is now not holding the heart of the rose as tight and one by one the petals are wilting and falling.

Wanting so hard to keep the beauty of the rose through one more season, everything possible was done but no matter what, the Rose has started withering and the branch is slowly drying up. The Rose, being so proud, has allowed all the treatment given and has tried so valiantly to keep enough life as to bloom once again.

I watch, I wait and I hope that the remaining petals stay intact and as I watch, a tear comes to my eye. I need that Rose to be intact because I am not the Gardener that I want to be if I lose that rose.