Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy days in the moment

Someone once said, "I don't mind losing years, but I always want to keep the moments." I am beginning to understand this as I get older. Special moments conjure up memories that take us through life so that we can handle moments that aren't so special.

All this time I have now that I've retired has allowed me to start putting the important things in my life at the top of the list. My children, my relatives and my friends are now going to be able to see that I do have time for them. As a lot of people do when they are working, the necessities the job requires, sometimes starts to push the important things farther down the list. Most of us need the jobs but we have to also realize that if we lose everything and everyone else to our workplace, that in the end, what was it all for.  I know survival is the first word to come to mind. Scaling down, stocking up and saving enough for an emergency should be the goal everyone strives for.

I live in a cute little cottage, drive an older car given to me when my car was wrecked, have lots of food in the cupboards, planted a garden for produce. have enough flowers started to have a nursery and I am the happiest I've been in many years.  My house and car does not define me. My heart and my treatment of others defines me.

 Believe me, sometime in life the discovery that you can live without all the shiny things will bring you to a place of peace.

My sister would say that this blog is just running on but she also knows that I really don't have to worry now about what anyone says.  I just have to smile and say, "yes, I know."

Mary Beth

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