Thursday, April 7, 2011

Landscaping on a budget

My garden is evolving into so many different things. From planting vegetables and flowers to making an attempt at landscaping.

Tree branches had to be trimmed to allow sunlight to reach some of newly planted grass.  White rock was brought in to distinguish my different beds. I found some old rock in the back to use as a fence for the smaller  flower bed.

All my cactus plants and aloe vera plants were move to a separate bed.  With the white rock as a border; I now have a cactus garden that I love.

Stepping stones that use to lead to the mailbox are now in a square to form a small patio.
 With my wrought iron bench and the plant stand my son made, I have an actual place to just sit and look at the amazing transformation.

 It took a lot of physical work but not very much money as I recycled a lot of things I already had.
Looking around,  at all we have  accomplished,  brings  pleasant surprises.

Of course pictures will be posted so you can see I have been busy.

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