Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sister Week

"Treat your family like friends, and your friends like family." How true this is in my life. Sometimes it seems like my friends are front and center.

I try to keep in touch, say the right things and be what I think my sisters need.

Wrong!  I don't need to be anyone but myself with my sisters.  There is something about the power of family that no matter what, an unconditional love exists. We may not always like each other and we may totally disagree about one anothers choices. Stll we have that bond that even in the trying times seems to bind us together.

My one sister is strong, opinionated, and needs to know everything happening in life. We have such similar traits that sometimes we butt heads and with stubborn pride refuse to admit the other one might be right.  One sister has some of the same traits but has just always decided her sisters are the best no matter what.  Yes, she's the youngest and most forgiving.

No matter what though, we have each other's back and no matter what we do or say that may be hurtful to the other one, don't be a stranger and try the same thing!

Sister's week should be celebrated .

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