Monday, April 25, 2011

The simple life was the good life.

This picture of my Grandfather who worked so hard on his crops brings back a lot of memories.

Cattle troughs, an outhouse with a real Sears catalogue, a smokehouse with meat curing, and a family sitting down to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My grandparents had a big dining room table that at holidays was used to make the most fruitcake I have seen ouside of a store.  The same table was used to pull taffy, make peanut brittle and have tea or coffee when guests came over.

Two large families from the same town, each producing one of my grandparents, gave me different perspectives of different lives of people.
I learned appreciation for hard work, loving the earth and all its bounty, respecting the creatures that had a job to do and staying true to myself.

The county fair was always attended even though the trek was by horse and cart for over 13 miles.  The blueberry jam that was made was worth the trip for the first prize.

It was a simple life that produced some of the most wonderful people I have ever known. Hopefully the younger generation will look back on our family and have the same comfort of being a part of something worth remembering.

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