Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finally, a garden!

Today was one of those days when all is right with the world.  My organic garden is now looking like I had envisioned when I set out on this quest.  Simple little things like emptying used tea grounds into a jar, keeping egg shells, not throwing  out coffee grinds. Putting all my collections in a cardboard box that I had lined with aluminum foil and baking it in  the sun gave me all the organic matter I needed .

Doing this made sure my soil was ready to keep my plants healthy and hardy. In the bottom of the box, I had placed sawdust, raked leaves and grass clippings.

I used some old railroad ties to line the garden and on the ground put some eave pieces my son had left over from a remodeling job.  There were enough holes to keep good drainage and keep the insects out. I did cheat a little when I found out Lowe's had some organic soil on sale. I bought ten forty pound bags and together with my compost and 2 large bags of organic matter, my bottom of my bed was ready for plants.

My son laughed and said I had 40 acres planted in an 5x10 spot. Maybe so but I made sure every plant had room to grow.

In one corner, I put all the herbs and on the other corner, I planted the crooked neck squash. I have bell pepper plants and enough tomatoes to supply the neighborhood. It's just a small garden but just big enough to make my heart sing with absolute delight.

Around the garden, I put dog fence that my neighbor had left when he moved. Everyone has suggested hanging paper plates to keep the birds away but I'm taking my chance by not doing that.  I had some thin reed from an old tree that was trimmed so I am going to use that as my tomato stakes. My sister suggested using pantie hose to tie the tomato plant to them . Since she donated the pantie hose, I figured why not.

Pictures will be posted as my garden grows. I am so excited.  Let me know if you are planting a garden this year.  Hopefully soon we will be enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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