Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day and I will be out enjoying the light breeze in the sunny weather.  Rain is needed but the selfish side of me,that loves sunshine and beaches, is taking top lead.

A few of my readers have asked for  recipes for beets so I included a couple under my Delicious Delectables section.  Parsnips, carrots, yam and turnips are becoming the new mashed potatoes.  Just boil, skin, mash with a little butter, salt and pepper, *liquid of choice and you have a great side dish from root vegetables . *(water, milk or chicken stock to name a few.)

Also under the same heading is a great Spinach salad recipe with a dressing that is so good, you can use it as a dipping sauce for other recipes.

A new fad is neighborhood cooking parties or just cooking parties with select friends. A theme is set, the Host makes the main dish, the invited guest bring side dishes to compliment.  Or everyone gathers at the host house for the event and they cook together.  Book clubs, garden clubs and this could really turn out to be fun.  ‘The Nate show’ is becoming an influence in my afternoon schedule and he just had a cooking club as guests.

A reader gave me a tip to share. She says that in all the years she has been married; everyone raves about her HOME MADE biscuits and mashed potatoes. Her secret is  1 large Tablespoon of mayonnaise to a Bisquick mix and the same amount of mayonnaise to a mash potato mix. I had a good laugh about that. I may have to try it.

Remember to save your coffee grinds and grill ashes for your rose bushes as they need a lot of acidic soil. Another good thing are egg shells.

A great sign to think about applying to everyday life; ‘Don’t expect to gather flowers if you plant weeds.’    
   Mary Beth

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