Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mom's big Mouth!

Sometimes in life, we have to learn to say no to our children. My amazing son seems to be one person that when you say no he thinks you mean that you will think about it.

As an amazing wood craftsman, he is in the restoring and remodeling business. Last week one of his workers was not able to work and he was trying to replace him.  I asked how much he paid the guy who was suppose to clean the windows on the house they were getting ready to paint. When I found out the amount, I said, "are you insane?"  I then volunteered to do the job.

An eight foot ladder, 22 windows to do, the sun beating down and at sixty six years of age, I decide to be Super Woman.  My mind was thinking I could do it but somehow that information got lost on the way to the rest of the body. He found this cleaner at the Dollar store called "LA'S Totally Awesome" and believe me it was. The paint with a scraper came right off but then the window had to be cleaned. Up and down the ladder gave me all the exercise I will ever need.

I did a very good job but my son mentioned he never has to mix his crews cleaning liquids, he never has to move the ladder for them, he never has to keep running to McDonald's to get sweet tea for them and he never has to hear them say,"TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!"

I love him but I am now out of the cleaning business.

 His final words to me, "Here Mom, eat a Snicker's, you always turn into a Diva when you are was like working with Dame Shirley Bassey all day.."

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