Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I had a happy childhood. I try to use what I learned from  an early age to benefit other people.

StepFather is sometimes a dirty word but I had the most wonderful Assistant Father in the world.

I got my sense of humor from him and many of my moral values. He insisted on the family having dinner together every night, bought groceries before paying bills to make sure we were never hungry, wore the same pair of shoes for 12 years because we needed them more.
 Great Father! 

 Now don't think he was perfect..We had rules-bedtime 8:00 (he needed me time for MaMa) A and B on Report card or we stayed home till next report card,good manners, Mother better be respected., clean room and do your chore list, strict boundaries but I ended up using most of the rules on my children and God rewarded me with good children.

Woke us up every morning by pinching our toes and singing,"you are my sunshine" (Hated that,lol) Never was late to work and never missed one day of work from age 16 to late 70's. Treated my Mother like she was a Queen and treated us like Princesses. We never had a lot of money but every Friday night, grocery shopping and the drive-in, every holiday and birthday a party. I never knew we were poor.

 Still  don't!!! ·

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