Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coming Home Today...

Squeeze our hand Lord
Let us know your're here.
The Lights have gone out
We lost ones so dear.

Tell us the Reason
Make us understand why.
If we're to rejoice
Why do we cry?

Did you need them
For some special task?
We don't mean to question,
We just had to ask.

They are so young
They lived a short life.
Were you trying to spare them

From this turmoil and strife?

We'd asked them please
To take Life slow.
But Dear God, Understand
How could we know.

Give us a hand
To bear this pain.
Take away the anger
Help keep us Sane.

If we're to learn
Some lesson from this
Make it an easy one
Leave some happiness.

We believe in you
And You've had your way.
Thank you for our time with them
......They're coming home today..<3

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