Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You, with your promises of good times, new experiences, visiting old friends and making new ones, have now broken my heart.

I left my space of friends, family, and fun because your all seeing attitude convinced me that I would never have any success with anything I was involved in. 

You tempted me with all your free gifts, your connections to everywhere and the idea that I could have my business flourish just by mentioning your name.

A tear is making its way slowly down my cheek as I reach the conclusion that you and I might be over.  How am I going to explain it to my friends and family that there might not be any more us?

Do you feel any guilt or remorse or are you so isolated in your world of me, me, me that you forgot about one of the ones that put you in that Ivory tower?

I loved you and gave you 100% of my time because I trusted you.  After all this time, I now find you changing, manipulating, working things to as to cut me off from all the friends I have come to love and enjoy.

When I push that final button, you won't even care because there will always be someone else to lure into your world of deceit.

Thank you for all the times that were good and perhaps I'll keep in touch.

Google me if you need to. I'll be here for a little longer but then, one of the best loves of my life, forget you!!!

So Long was a good marriage while it was.

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